A comparison of our modern hyperhidrosis therapy devices

Hyperhidrosis treatment with modern iontophoresis therapy devices from HIDREX

Tech­ni­cal data
classic ionconnect ionconcept ion
Direct Cur­rent (DC)

Pulsed Cur­rent (PC)
Vari­able Pulsed Cur­rent (VPC)option­al, unlock­able
via APP
App Con­nec­tiv­i­ty
(Android, iOS, Win­dows)
Blue­tooth Blue­tooth
Auto­mat­ic polar­i­ty switch­ing after half the treat­ment timeoption­al, unlock­able via APP
Pro­gram­ma­ble pro­files33auto­mat­ic Recog­ni­tion
of treat­ment para­me­ters
Adjustable volt­agedig­i­tal 4–60Vdig­i­tal 4–60Vauto­mat­ic to your per­cep­tion in 8 lev­els
Intel­li­gent auto­mat­ic treat­ment
(Recog­ni­tion of indi­vid­ual treat­ment para­me­ters)
auto­mat­ic to your per­cep­tion in 8 lev­els
Voice con­trol via App via App
Treat­ment time15 Min. fix1–30 min. via App10–20 min. auto­mat­ic
Dis­play of Remain­ing timedig­i­tal in min.dig­i­tal in min.via App in min.
Anti Schock Elek­tron­ics (ASE)
Over-treat­ment pro­tec­tion
Max volt­age / cur­rent60 V / 30 mA60 V / 30 mA60 V / 30 mA
Immer­sion mon­i­tor­ing
Pow­er sup­ply110–240V~/ 50–60Hz110–240V~/ 50–60Hz110–240V~/ 50–60Hz
Mod­ule size (W x D x H)190 x 49 x 137 mm190 x 49 x 137 mm190 x 49 x 137 mm
Mod­ule weight0,5 kg0,5 kg0,5 kg