A comparison of our modern hyperhidrosis therapy devices

Hyperhidrosis treatment with modern iontophoresis therapy devices from HIDREX

Technical data
classic ionconnect ionconcept ion
Direct Current (DC)

Pulsed Current (PC)
Variable Pulsed Current (VPC)optional, unlockable
via APP
App Connectivity
(Android, iOS, Windows)
Bluetooth Bluetooth
Automatic polarity switching after half the treatment timeoptional, unlockable via APP
Programmable profiles33automatic Recognition
of treatment parameters
Adjustable voltagedigital 4-60Vdigital 4-60Vautomatic to your perception in 8 levels
Intelligent automatic treatment
(Recognition of individual treatment parameters)
automatic to your perception in 8 levels
Voice control via App via App
Treatment time15 Min. fix1-30 min. via App10-20 min. automatic
Display of Remaining timedigital in min.digital in min.via App in min.
Anti Schock Elektronics (ASE)
Over-treatment protection
Max voltage / current60 V / 30 mA60 V / 30 mA60 V / 30 mA
Immersion monitoring
Power supply110-240V~/ 50-60Hz110-240V~/ 50-60Hz110-240V~/ 50-60Hz
Module size (W x D x H)190 x 49 x 137 mm190 x 49 x 137 mm190 x 49 x 137 mm
Module weight0,5 kg0,5 kg0,5 kg