Cancellation Policy

 accord­ing to § 3 of our Gen­er­al Busi­ness Terms and Con­di­tions:

(1) Right of Revo­ca­tion

You shall have the right to revoke this agree­ment with­in 14 days with­out being required to state rea­sons for so doing.

The 14-day time­frame shall begin to run on the day on which you or your des­ig­nat­ed third party–who is not the carrier–have/has tak­en pos­ses­sion of the last goods and/or, for mul­ti­ple par­tial ship­ments, the last par­tial ship­ment or the last unit.

In order to exer­cise your right of revo­ca­tion, you must noti­fy us, HIDREX GmbH, Otto-Hahn-Str. 12, 42579 Heili­gen­haus, tele­phone: 02056 — 98 11 0, fax: 02056 — 98 11 31, e‑mail: by means of a trans­par­ent dec­la­ra­tion (e.g. a let­ter sent via post, fax or e‑mail), of your deci­sion to revoke this agree­ment. In order to do this, you can use the enclosed mod­el revo­ca­tion form, but this is not manda­to­ry.

In order to meet the dead­line, it is suf­fi­cient that you have sent the noti­fi­ca­tion of the exer­cis­ing of the right of revo­ca­tion before the revo­ca­tion time­frame laps­es.

(2) Con­se­quences of the Revo­ca­tion

If you revoke this agree­ment, we must pay back to you all pay­ments which we have received from you–including the deliv­ery costs (with the excep­tion of the addi­tion­al costs which are incurred as the result of the fact that you have select­ed anoth­er type of deliv­ery than the cheap­est stan­dard deliv­ery which we offer)–promptly and by no lat­er than with­in 14 days after the day on which we receive the noti­fi­ca­tion of your revo­ca­tion of this agree­ment. For this repay­ment, we shall use the same pay­ment method which you used dur­ing the orig­i­nal trans­ac­tion unless some­thing else was express­ly agreed with you; in no case shall you be charged fees for this repay­ment. We may refuse to make the repay­ment until we have received the goods back or you have pro­vid­ed doc­u­men­ta­tion that you have sent the goods back based upon which occurs ear­li­er.

You must send the goods back to us, or sur­ren­der them to us, prompt­ly and in any case by no lat­er than with­in 14 days after the day on which you have noti­fied us of the revo­ca­tion of the agree­ment. The dead­line shall be con­sid­ered to have been met if you send the goods before the time­frame of 14 days laps­es.

You shall assume the direct costs for the return ship­ment of the goods.

You must pro­vide com­pen­sa­tion for any loss in val­ue of the goods only if this loss of val­ue is attrib­ut­able to your han­dling of the goods which was not required in order to exam­ine the work­man­ship, qual­i­ty fea­tures and func­tion­al­i­ties of the goods.

(3) Exclu­sion of the Right of Revo­ca­tion

The right of revo­ca­tion shall not be valid for agree­ments for the deliv­ery of goods which are not pre­fab­ri­cat­ed and for whose man­u­fac­ture an indi­vid­ual selec­tion or deter­mi­na­tion upon your part is pre­vail­ing or the goods have been clear­ly cus­tomised to your per­son­al require­ments (§ 312g Para. 2 No. 1 BGB [Ger­man Civ­il Code]).

The here­in-reg­u­lat­ed right of revo­ca­tion shall not be valid for entre­pre­neurs.

- End of the Revo­ca­tion Instruc­tions -