HIDREX iontophoresis devices: care & cleaning instructions

Care and cleaning your iontophoresis device

To keep your HIDREX iontophoresis therapy device functional for the long term, we recommend the following steps after each use:

Warning: Before cleaning the device, be sure to switch off the device and disconnect it from the mains. Do not use petroleum, thinner, or other solvents.

Care after each treatment:

  • Thoroughly rinse the towels or armpit sponges with tap water (without detergent or detergent additives).
  • Carefully wring the towels, armpit sponges, or face mask to remove any residual liquid.
  • Let the towels, armpit sponges, or face mask air dry completely.
  • Never store wet or damp towels, armpit sponges, or face masks in the closed case!
  • Please dry the treatment electrodes with a soft cloth after every treatment to prevent calcium deposits! After each treatment, make sure that all residues have been removed.
  • Thoroughly dry the treatment basins with a soft cloth and allow to air dry (do not close the case unless it has been completely dried for a long time).

Cleaning and care after every 5th treatment or as needed

  • Clean the control unit, treatment basins, and electrodes with a damp cloth and with common cleaning or surface disinfectants.

  • Hand wash the AX sponge pads in warm water (up to 60°C) with common laundry detergent. Wash sponges thoroughly with water, wring out, and allow to air dry.

  • Wash the towels according to the washing instructions (see label on the towel) by hand or in the machine at 60°C with common laundry detergents, wring them out, and air dry or tumble dry.

Warning: Lime deposits on the electrodes can hinder the flow of the current. These deposits can be removed with household lime removers, vinegar, or citric acid.

Discoloration of the electrode metal after the first treatment session is normal.

Further information on hyperhidrosis treatment with HIDREX iontophoresis: