HIDREX tap water iontophoresis (TWI) for severe, excessive sweating

HIDREX iontophoresis treatment in detail

In HIDREX therapy, a weak DC or pulse current is passed through the affected body zones. The flow of this electrical current is ensured by a water bath and leads to a reduction in the sweat secretion on the areas being treated. The HIDREX treatment is carried out by hand and foot baths or by treatment of the armpits, face, neck, or back with special sponge applicators.

Treatment with TWI (tap water iontophoresis) is similar to working out: the quality of the results depends on how disciplined you are at doing your exercises.

During the initial treatment phase, only do one 15-minute treatment a day and only three times a week. After about 10 treatments, your sweat levels should normalise. Afterwards, 1-3 treatments a week are usually sufficient to maintain the results.

The therapeutic effect is reversible, so if treatments stop, the sweating will resume after some time.