Safety concept for HIDREX iontophoresis devices (special functions)

Your HIDREX iontophoresis device is equipped with several protection circuits for your safety:

Immersion monitoring

A safety monitor ensures that the power output starts slowly at zero and only when the circuit has been closed by the skin surfaces to be treated (palms, feet, or armpits). This prevents unpleasant electrical shocks.

Protection against excess treatment

If your skin is already dry beyond the normal level 1, the device will not let you raise the dose. Your HIDREX device will automatically check your individual skin conductance. If it is outside the specified tolerance, the protection circuit intervenes and locks the device. Treatment will not start even if you close the circuit.

Limiting of current

With very heavy sweating (i.e. low electrical resistance of the skin), the maximum permitted treatment current can be reached before the set dose (voltage) is reached. In this case, a protection circuit (current limit) intervenes and stops the device.

This has no effect on the success of treatment, but it does protect you from getting burned!

Over time, the less you sweat, the higher the electrical resistance of the skin and the dose levels will slowly increase.
In particular, in pulse current mode, this protection circuit appears to be fast-acting. However, this is not true since the device monitors the maximum permissible current, but in pulse-current mode only an “average value” is generally shown on the display.2

Protection circuit

The device also has a safety circuit which stops the therapy immediately when a current of 35mA or more is reached (due to a mechanical or electrical fault, for example). In this case, the display will read “STOP” and all the LEDs will be flashing. If this happens, please switch off the device, disconnect it from the mains, and send it back to us.

1 This is not the water in which you are immersing the skin, but the moisture in the deeper skin layers which determines the degree of hyperhidrosis.

2 For example, if pulse current (50% on) is used, the displayed value for calculating the current limit must be doubled.

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