Structure of therapy and treatment

Therapy preparation: Setting up the control unit

Regard­less of which treat­ment area you would like to treat, the fol­low­ing steps must be car­ried out in order to pre­pare the ther­a­py:
Place the ther­a­py device on a firm, lev­el sur­face and make sure that an elec­tri­cal out­let is with­in reach.


Plug the device plug of the adapter into the jack on the rear pan­el of the device.


Plug the adap­tor into a sock­et.


Plug the con­nec­tion cables into the jacks on the rear pan­el of the device.

Structure of therapy and treatment

Structure of therapy and treatment

Structure of therapy and treatment

Structure of therapy and treatment


Old­er devices are fit­ted with two-colour jacks and cables.
The colours must match up when plug­ging in the cables.

Treating hands and feet

Structure of therapy and treatment

Hands or feet are treat­ed in a shal­low water bath which should only cov­er the areas of the skin under­go­ing treat­ment. The two halves of the car­ry­ing case may be sep­a­rat­ed and used as tubs for this pur­pose. As an alter­na­tive to the shell cas­es, the use of ergonom­ic trays is rec­om­mend­ed to ensure com­fort when treat­ing your hands. These treat­ment trays which are avail­able as acces­sories pro­vide an ergonom­ic wrist rest, mak­ing it more com­fort­able to sup­port your hands dur­ing the ther­a­py.

Place one treat­ment elec­trode in the two shell cas­es or treat­ment trays respec­tive­ly. When using the ergonom­ic treat­ment trays, make sure that the side of the tray low­ered down (wrist rest) is on the side fac­ing you.

Place thetreat­ment grids on both treat­ment elec­trodes or cov­er them ful­ly with a treat­ment tow­el respec­tive­ly. Then plug the two con­nec­tion cables onto the con­nec­tors of the treat­ment elec­trodes.

Structure of therapy and treatmentMake sure that you force­ful­ly push the con­nec­tors all the way up to the col­lars of the elec­trode con­nec­tors!

Structure of therapy and treatment

Structure of therapy and treatment

Fill the two shell cas­es or ergonom­ic trays with luke­warm tap water until only the areas of skin under­go­ing treat­ment are com­plete­ly cov­ered by the water.

Structure of therapy and treatment

Treating hands and feet at the same time

For simul­ta­ne­ous treat­ment of hands and feet, you will also need, in addi­tion to the stan­dard equip­ment, a pair of ergonom­ic trays and the DUO acces­so­ry set (con­sist­ing in each case of a pair of treat­ment elec­trodes, treat­ment tow­els and DUO con­nec­tor cables). The shell cas­es are used to treat your feet and the ergonom­ic trays to treat your hands. This set-up is dis­tinct owing to the use of the DUO cable, which enables two elec­trodes to be con­nect­ed respec­tive­ly.

Is treat­ment with the DUO set also suit­able for me?

Structure of therapy and treatment

Structure of therapy and treatment

Treating the armpit area

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In order to treat exces­sive sweat­ing in the armpit area, the treat­ment is car­ried out using spe­cial axil­lary appli­ca­tors and not with a water bath in the shell cas­es or ergonom­ic trays. Soak the sponge pouch­es well with luke­warm tap water (do not wring out!)

Tip: Divide up each treat­ment using the axil­lary appli­ca­tors into two ses­sions last­ing 7 min­utes each in order to soak the appli­ca­tors again in the mean­time!

Treating the face

When car­ry­ing out treat­ment with the face mask, the treat­ment cur­rent is con­duct­ed through the con­tact area on the face to the sec­ond con­tact area on a hand or a foot in the water bath. Ensure the face mask is well soaked before putting it on. Apply even pres­sure and ensure a good fit to max­imise the con­tact area.

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