Structure of therapy and treatment

Therapy preparation: Setting up the control unit

Regardless of which treatment area you would like to treat, the following steps must be carried out in order to prepare the therapy:
Place the therapy device on a firm, level surface and make sure that an electrical outlet is within reach.


Plug the device plug of the adapter into the jack on the rear panel of the device.


Plug the adaptor into a socket.


Plug the connection cables into the jacks on the rear panel of the device.


Older devices are fitted with two-colour jacks and cables.
The colours must match up when plugging in the cables.

Treating hands and feet

Hands or feet are treated in a shallow water bath which should only cover the areas of the skin undergoing treatment. The two halves of the carrying case may be separated and used as tubs for this purpose. As an alternative to the shell cases, the use of ergonomic trays is recommended to ensure comfort when treating your hands. These treatment trays which are available as accessories provide an ergonomic wrist rest, making it more comfortable to support your hands during the therapy.

Place one treatment electrode in the two shell cases or treatment trays respectively. When using the ergonomic treatment trays, make sure that the side of the tray lowered down (wrist rest) is on the side facing you.

Place thetreatment grids on both treatment electrodes or cover them fully with a treatment towel respectively. Then plug the two connection cables onto the connectors of the treatment electrodes.

Make sure that you forcefully push the connectors all the way up to the collars of the electrode connectors!

Fill the two shell cases or ergonomic trays with lukewarm tap water until only the areas of skin undergoing treatment are completely covered by the water.

Treating hands and feet at the same time

For simultaneous treatment of hands and feet, you will also need, in addition to the standard equipment, a pair of ergonomic trays and the DUO accessory set (consisting in each case of a pair of treatment electrodes, treatment towels and DUO connector cables). The shell cases are used to treat your feet and the ergonomic trays to treat your hands. This set-up is distinct owing to the use of the DUO cable, which enables two electrodes to be connected respectively.

Is treatment with the DUO set also suitable for me?

Treating the armpit area

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In order to treat excessive sweating in the armpit area, the treatment is carried out using special axillary applicators and not with a water bath in the shell cases or ergonomic trays. Soak the sponge pouches well with lukewarm tap water (do not wring out!)

Tip: Divide up each treatment using the axillary applicators into two sessions lasting 7 minutes each in order to soak the applicators again in the meantime!

Treating the face

When carrying out treatment with the face mask, the treatment current is conducted through the contact area on the face to the second contact area on a hand or a foot in the water bath. Ensure the face mask is well soaked before putting it on. Apply even pressure and ensure a good fit to maximise the contact area.

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