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VET Treatment Systems

Our veterinary products for pulsating magnetic therapy, laser therapy, and acupuncture can be obtained from our long-term distribution partner:

Bio-Medical-Systems (BMS). BMS has more than 3,000 regular customers and is one of the most important providers in the field of physical veterinary therapy.
For more than 38 years, BMS has been active in pulsating magnetic field therapy and laser therapy and sells the systems we produce for veterinary medicine. The many years of experience of BMS has flowed into our products and ensures they are perfectly matched to the needs of the veterinary field (horses, pets, livestock, and exotics).

Physicians and therapists have been using our inductive MDMS magnetic field treatment systems for many years to treat a number of patient symptoms.

2010 Pulsierendes Magnetfeld

2010 Pulsating Magnetic Field

These LLLT systems for laser therapy and acupuncture are equally suitable for professional and home use in veterinary medicine.

The MPL pulse diode laser systems offer very good support in many medical and therapeutic applications.

2510 Impuls-Dioden-Laser

2510 Pulse Diode Laser

2520 Handylaser

2520 Handy Laser

For information about our veterinary products, such as prices, delivery times, or services, please contact our sales partner directly

Bio-Medical-Systems, BMS GmbH

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