Treatment phases with the Hidrex iontophoresis device

Phases of HIDREX hyperhidrosis treatment:

The treatment of hyperhidrosis with HIDREX iontophoresis devices is divided into 2 phases: the initial and the maintenance phases. In addition, you should first carry out a trial phase when using the HIDREX underarm applicators or the HIDREX face mask. This means the first rounds of treatments are done at low doses for reduced times. For detailed information, please refer to your instructions for how to use the sponge applicators.

Phase 1 (initial phase):

In the initial phase, we recommend doing your treatment under medical supervision so that you learn how to use the equipment correctly. During this phase, only do one 15-minute treatment a day and only three times a week. After about 10 treatments, your sweat levels should normalise.

Phase 2 (maintenance phase):

Due to the reversible nature of HIDREX therapy, a long-term treatment (maintenance therapy) is needed, but you can do it with your own device at home. Depending on the severity of your symptoms, follow-up treatments are usually 15 minutes each once or twice a week.

Further information on hyperhidrosis treatment with HIDREX iontophoresis: