Information on iontophoresis treatments (polarity change)

Effectiveness of treatment and polarity change

In principle, the effect of HIDREX iontophoresis does not depend on the polarity. However, clinical studies have shown that the anode (positive electrode, connection A) is slightly more effective at the beginning of the treatment series than the cathode (negative electrode, connection B).


HIDREX connectION (standard) & HIDREX conceptION (optional) – Automatic polarity switching

To ensure a consistent treatment outcome on both treatment sides from the beginning, you can automatically change the polarity of devices equipped within a single treatment session. The voltage is gently reduced to 0V after the first half of the treatment, the polarity is changed and the voltage is increased again to the setted voltage. The PWF can only be used if the therapy time is at least 10 minutes, as shorter times would lead to an ineffective treatment.

The advantage of this is that you won’t need to remember which polarity you need to use for each session.


HIDREX classicION – Manual polarity switching

We recommend that in the initial phase not to change the polarity until one side has reached the desired skin dryness. If one side is dry enough (e.g. the right hand) the polarity should be changed once for the further sessions until the second side (e.g. the left hand) has reached the desired effect.
If the desired skin dryness is achieved on both sides (e.g. both hands), we recommend switching the polarity with each treatment in the maintenance phase.
The polarity can be swapped by simply switching the cathode (B) and anode (A). For example, if, in a maintenance treatment session, the right hand is treated with the anode and the left hand with the cathode, the following session should have the cathode on the right and the anode on the left, and so on.

Should you fail to make this switch, however, this will not pose any risk or cause any side effects. Ultimately, long-term therapeutic success does not depend on the polarity.